Western College of Sciences does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, status as a disabled individual, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, genetic information or protected veteran's status, in employment, treatment, admission, access to educational programmes and activities, or other college's benefits or services.

Western College of Sciences provides students with quality educational experiences and support services that lead to the successful completion of degrees, transfer, certificates, career/technical education and basic skills proficiency. The college fosters academic and career success through the development of critical thinking, effective communication, creativity, and cultural awareness in a safe, accessible and affordable learning environment. In meeting the needs of our demographically diverse student population, we embrace equity and accountability through measurable learning outcomes, ethical data-driven decisions and student achievement. This unique blend between functional and business competencies represents a key differentiator that gives you a competitive advantage in your pursuit for career advancement. With an emphasis on innovative programmes, dynamic curriculum and general education skills, we are committed to being a pioneer in the field of career-focused education. We empower our students, faculty and staff to exceed the expectations of society through academic excellence, community enrichment and service to the public good.

Our goal is to establish a reputation for excellence and visionary thinking in its efforts to improve teaching and learning across our nation and world. We aim to provide a premier education that offers a global perspective and is characterised by outstanding teaching, high-quality scholarship and distinctive curricular and co-curricular programmes.

Western College of Sciences is the learning solution for today's fast-paced life. Western College of Sciences offers high quality online programmes of independent study for individuals, educators, students, and professionals. At Western College of Sciences, we have geared our quality programmes to help you elevate your career without completely disrupting your current lifestyle. Our amazingly interactive learning environments offer you the opportunity to log-in to some of the most innovative, industry-relevant courses available online, any time. It is our belief that through Western College of Sciences, the cost of access to high-quality education can be reduced.

Affordable - Our programme fee structure suits everybody. We provide an affordable education to all so that everyone has an equal opportunity for professional success. We ensure that our fees fix into your monthly budget.

Self-Paced Programme - Western College of Sciences ensures that the class schedules fit into your schedule so that you have unimpeded access to your programme in a stress-free environment. You can study from anywhere and at any time through our online learning management system.

Quality - All our courses are designed by expert educators. The programmes will improve confidence giving you the hunger to learn more and make you more independent, helping you achieve your own destiny in life and to be as contented and productive as you can be in the world of work.

Research Based Learning - Research-based learning has always been at the core of our programme. Fundamental to the aims of our programme is the intention to ensure that all students gain maximum benefit from their programme, which will actively develop their independent research skills and provide them with opportunities to put these skills into practice.

Proctored Examination - All our courses include at least one mandatory exam that is administered in a proctored/supervised setting. Students who fail to complete proctored examinations will not receive course credit. Examinations are proctored under the supervision of pre-approved Proctor.

EDUQUAL - Western College of Sciences is an approved centre of EduQual; regulated awarding body, approved by SQA-Accreditation, a globally-recognised national qualifications regulator in the UK and a full member of the Federation of Awarding Bodies (FAB).

EUROPEAN INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY, FRANCE - Western College of Sciences is affiliated with European International University, France.

COMPTIA - Western College of Sciences is approved as an Authorized Partner of CompTIA. Our Partner ID is 1082098.

GLOBAL LEGAL ENGLISH - Western College of Sciences is authorised as a Registered Centre for the Test of Legal English Skills (TOLES).