Welcome all of you to the Western College of Sciences !

Starting college is one of the most exciting times of your life. It is a time of possibility and potential, when you are beginning a journey that will transform your life. In fact, in your time here, you are going to get a lot of advice, a lot of counseling. It will be good advice, but the amount of it might be overwhelming at times. So before that flood of information starts, I thought I'd give you three simple things to help guide you all who are studying from distance in different geographical locations:

First: You are getting qualifications with global recognition which you need to become a future-oriented leader.

An article I read recently stated, "Education is more than a passport, it opens up many possibilities." With WCS, you'll be preparing yourself not for one specific job, but for jobs that are yet to exist and new journeys which you are yet to undertake. In the world today, it's a world with constant communications and technological changes. It's a world that needs fast, flexible thinkers. Creative, innovative minds. Critical thought and productive debates. The learning curve, knowledge and skills aren't only important for your career, but more generally as you engage in your communities and in civic life. Your engagement with WCS will provide you opportunities to develop and entrepreneurial mindset, to forge your own path, to become a future-oriented leader.

Second: You will learn in a virtual learning environment here.

In the WCS's virtual learning environment, students are coming from different countries of diversity. Communication in English language is the key medium of instruction which forms a bridge from one learner to another in different localities or borderless. Both Synchronous and Asynchronous modes of learning are available here with support of live-video lectures, tutorials. All other learning resources are available in the learning portal with possible online submission of assignments and projects. A truly paperless learning culture which you will experience.

Third: You belong here at WCS

As our respectful students, I ask that you foster, among yourselves as classmates, and with your professors and staff, a culture of respect. You don't have to always agree but to speak more freely with your rationales. Feel free to make your request whenever you need additional assistance to support you in the learning process. We are ready to help you to ensure your improvement and success here with WCS. The qualifications which you will gain here are with EduQual accreditation. This will allow your Diplomas to be accepted for top up Degrees or Master's from Universities in Europe.

So those are the three messages I'd like you to remember.

First, you are getting education you need to become a future-oriented leader. Second, you will adapt well to virtual learning environment. And third, you belong here at WCS as an important member. You time here at WCS will be exciting, it will help define you for the rest of your life. I hope that today is the start of a journey where you'll discover your purpose and focus, and where you'll find success at whatever you choose to do. A final reminder, on academic matters, you can reach out to me at [email protected]